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QR Codes have entered the RV Industry

Mar 03, 2012 in Starlight News

What exactly is a QR code? QR is an abbreviation for Quick Response Code. It is a two-dimensional code that was first designed for the automotive industry. Yet due to its fast readability and large storage capacity (compared to standard UPC barcodes), this system has become very popular among nearly all industries. You probably have seen these codes in magazines, on billboards, cars, and on product packaging. The code allows the consumer to quickly access a video, website, or online message by simply using their Smartphone.

FACT: 43% of all phones are Smartphones, and 87% of them use it to access the internet

HOW TO:  It’s easy to download using a Smartphone.

  • Step 1 – open your App store/ function.
  • Step 2 – search for “QR code reader” & download the free version.
  • Step 3 – simply scan the code

How does this apply to shopping for RV products?

The Consumer- By scanning a QR code on a product package prior to purchasing, the consumer has the opportunity to view a commercial, and/or the manufacturer’s website to obtain more info. This helps to facilitate a more educated and confident purchase.

The Dealer/Store- Having QR codes on products is like having a Sales Representative out on the sales floor with every customer every time. This means more sales for the store.

The Wholesale Distributor- More store sales means more inventory turns, and thus increased profitability.

In the LED lighting industry, it is very challenging to describe the benefits of LED technology and explain the reasons why the technology is expensive all on a 2×4 package. By creating product specific commercials and linking them to our QR codes, we are employing a cutting edge marketing strategy that will support dealers, and empower the consumer to make an informed decision.